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Abantu Lithium (PVT) Co., Ltd. is located in Harare, the capital of the Republic of Zimbabwe, an East African country, specializing in the research and development, exploration, acquisition, mining and export of a variety of non-ferrous metals to all over the world, with 60 mining rights for a variety of non-ferrous metals in Zimbabwe, with a total of 52,335 acres (34.89 square kilometers) and resource reserves of about 30 million tons. INCLUDED IN TANZANIA: 26,300 HECTARES (263 KM2) PROSPECT SPODUMENE RESOURCE PROSPECT OF 25488161 TONNES AND IN THE NANGURUKURA MINING AREA OF LINDI REGION, NICKEL CLAIMS COVER AREA OF 12,570 HECTARES (125.7KM2) WITH ESTIMATED ORE RESERVES OF APPROXIMATELY 40 MILLION TONNES. and in Mozambique: 156、00 hectares with 40 million tons of lepidolite reserves. Including the tantalum and niobium mine in Lusaka, Zambia, with a tenement of 2000 hectares, grade: tantalum 5.91% and niobium: 25.23%.


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